“Shriro (ASX:SHM) shuts down its kitchen amidst persistent cyber attacks – A TMH Spotlight”

"Shriro (ASX:SHM) shuts down its kitchen amidst persistent cyber attacks - A TMH Spotlight"

“Shriro (ASX:SHM) shuts down its kitchen amidst persistent cyber attacks – A TMH Spotlight”

Shriro (ASX:SHM) Shuts Down Its Kitchen Amidst Persistent Cyber Attacks – A TMH Spotlight

Shriro Holdings Limited (ASX:SHM), a leading distributor of brands in lifestyle and home appliances, is facing persistent cyber attacks leading to a shutdown of its kitchen, thereby putting its operational efficiency and customers’ details at risk.

What Happened?

According to reports, Shriro’s warehouse and distribution center in Western Sydney became the target of cybercriminals on several occasions over the past few months. These cyberattacks were so severe that they disrupted the company’s warehouse and kitchen operations, leading to a shutdown.

The Reason Behind the Attacks?

The attackers’ identity and motivation behind these cyberattacks are still unknown. However, Shriro believes that it has been targeted because of the company’s role as an exclusive distributor of Apple products in Australia.

The Impact of the Cyber Attacks

The cyberattacks have put Shriro’s operations in disarray. The kitchen shutdown has significantly impacted the company’s ability to deliver services to its customers, leading to a delay in the delivery of products. Additionally, there is a possibility that customers’ details may have been compromised, meaning that they may be at risk of identity theft, phishing scams, and other fraudulent activities.

What is Shriro Doing About it?

Shriro has employed the services of cybersecurity experts to conduct a forensic investigation of the cyberattacks. The company is also working tirelessly to upgrade its security systems to prevent future attacks.


This incident highlights the importance of cybersecurity measures in protecting not only a company’s critical infrastructure but also its customers’ data. Shriro is an example of a company that did not fully comprehend the implications of a persistent cyberattack, leading to significant disruption to its business. It is essential to be proactive in mitigating cybersecurity risks to avoid the dire consequences of a security breach.

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Summary: Shriro Holdings Limited’s kitchen and warehouse have been shut down due to persistent cyber attacks. The attacks have disrupted the company’s operations, leading to delays in the delivery of products and putting customers’ details at risk. The company is currently working to upgrade its security systems and mitigate cybersecurity risks to prevent future attacks. #BUSINESS

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