“New Vegas 2” Mention Appears in Steam’s Fallout 4 Database – but Is It Happening?

"New Vegas 2" Mention Appears in Steam

“New Vegas 2” Mention Appears in Steam’s Fallout 4 Database – but Is It Happening?

Is “New Vegas 2” happening?

Attention all Fallout fans: we might have some exciting news for you! Recently, Fallout 4 players on Steam have noticed a new addition in their game database: what seems to be a placeholder for “Fallout: New Vegas 2.” This discovery has sparked an avalanche of speculation, but with no official announcement from Bethesda, it’s uncertain whether we’re actually getting a new installment of the popular Fallout spin-off. Let’s dive deeper into the topic.

What is “New Vegas 2”?

“New Vegas 2” would be a sequel to 2010’s “Fallout: New Vegas,” developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic version of Las Vegas and the Mojave Desert, where the player takes on the role of the “Courier,” a character whose delivery job goes sideways, leading to a tale of revenge, politics, and survival. “New Vegas” was widely praised for its engaging story, memorable characters, and immersive world-building, and many fans have been waiting for a follow-up ever since.

What does the Steam database listing mean?

On June 18th, players noticed an unexpected addition to Fallout 4’s database on Steam: a new appID, 700080, titled “Fallout: New Vegas 2.” This appID is not linked to any downloads or files and seems to function as a placeholder, which could mean a few things. It’s possible that someone at Bethesda added it as a prank or a mistake, or it could be a genuine hint at a new game in the works. However, it’s also worth noting that appIDs have been used in the past for test builds, internal demos, or canceled projects.

What are the chances of “New Vegas 2” being a real thing?

As of now, it’s hard to say. Bethesda has not commented on the matter, and Obsidian’s involvement is also unclear, as the studio has already made a spiritual successor to “New Vegas” called “The Outer Worlds” under a different publisher. It’s also worth noting that Bethesda has been focusing on other projects, such as “Starfield” and “The Elder Scrolls VI,” and that they have a mixed track record when it comes to sequels and spin-offs. However, “New Vegas” is a beloved entry in the Fallout franchise, and a sequel could potentially bring back some of the magic that fans felt was missing in Fallout 4 or Fallout 76.


While the database listing for “Fallout: New Vegas 2” is intriguing, fans should temper their expectations and avoid jumping to conclusions just yet. It’s possible that this is just a harmless blip in the Steam database, or it could be a sign of something bigger. Either way, we’ll have to wait for an official confirmation or denial from Bethesda or Obsidian. In the meantime, fans can keep dreaming of exploring the Mojave Wasteland once again and hope that the rumors turn out to be true.

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Summary: A database listing for “Fallout: New Vegas 2” has been spotted on Steam, but it’s unclear whether it’s a genuine hint at a new game or a mistake. Fans of the Fallout franchise are speculating about the sequel’s potential and hoping for an official announcement from Bethesda or Obsidian Entertainment. #TECH

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